CHADIS is a computer system that our office has adopted. One of the challenges to providing high quality comprehensive pediatric care is having enough time to review your child’s health and development and to discuss areas of concern in more depth. Although we schedule 45 minutes for a routine well child exam, we still feel that there are many visits where we wish we had more time to talk with our patients and families. Another challenge that we feel quite passionately about is detecting problems in development at as young an age as possible so that we can intervene as early as possible. While we do ask questions and observe how your child interacts and plays while they are in the office, research has shown that the addition of standardized questionnaires greatly improves a pediatrician’s ability to detect an area of concern. To more thoroughly cover all of the areas that we would like to discuss with you about your child, it would take much longer than we would be able to accomplish in a single visit and this system would help us to accomplish this.

With these challenges in mind, we are inviting you to participate in a program to screen your child’s health and development with the help of an online system called CHADIS. It was created by developmental-behavioral pediatricians to facilitate the collection of information prior to a well child or consultation visit. By answering these questions online prior to the visit, you can share details and relate concerns to me in a safe and confidential way. By the time you come for your visit, we will have a printed summary of your responses about your child so that we can make the most of our face to face time together. This will NOT affect the amount of time we have together in the office and it will help us to make our visits together more focused and less rushed.

Please click on the link below to begin your registation for CHADIS or to sign in as a return user.

CHADIS is an online system that will deliver developmental and health questionnaires directly to parents and families. CHADIS results come directly to your doctor at CAHC! Use CHADIS for all visits and all ages. It will help your doctor address any concerns about your child’s health and development.

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